EMC 2018 Photos and statistics

It was a great honour hosting so many champions in such a short period. The great atmosphere during the competition days even blew out bad weather forecast and enabled the acitivites to be performed as planned. The numbers of participants, divided by discipline, event and age group can be found here. Some interesting statistic facts:


  • 4.529 participants joined us from 40 countries
  • Water Polo: 892 participants
    Open Water: 1112 participants
    Swimming: 2793 participants
    Diving: 72 participants
    Synchronised Swimming: 218 participants
  • 579 gold medals, 530 silver medals and 493 bronze medals were given in total,
  • medals per country can be found here - highest number of medalists, gold and overall, was from Germany,
  • oldest participant was born in 1924 and comes from Austria,
  • we had two youngest participants, born on the same date - 20 December 1993, one from Hungary and one from Polland.


Photos from the events can be found in the gallery here.


Thank you everyone for co-creating a memorable and successful event! We sincerely hope to greet you again on another occassion.

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