SLOVENIA, the green garden of EUROPE.

The picturesque country of Slovenia invites everyone to indulge in the beautiful landscape, the good wine and culinary delights. A variety of outdoor activities are within reach, just an hour drive from the capital and one and a half hour’s drive from Bled.
You can set out to discover the underground Karst world in the numerous caves, take a boat ride at the seaside or on the rivers or lakes. Discover the countryside riding a white Lipizzaner horse; set out into the mountains on a bicycle or hike; taste the wines, and descend the snow-covered slopes on skis or play golf with friends.


Slovenia is a miniature Europe. Come and feel its vibrant youthful beat!



Let us take you through Kranj or it's underground, walk you through the streets of Ljubljana or guide you on the Coast. And that is only to name a few...


Kranj is the cultural heart of Slovenia. The charming old town with six thousand years of history is perfect for visitors wanting to explore its rich heritage and youthful lively events and culinary surprises. In the embrace of the mountains and green surroundings, Kranj is also the central town of the Slovenian Alpine region.


We invite to take a break during the competitions and get to know Kranj, a town perched on a rock that will offer you an unforgettable experience.


The Tunnels under the Old Town Kranj


Under the Old Town there are 1,300 m of long tunnels that were used as a bunker about 70 years ago, but now have been transformed into an attractive tourist attraction. They are full of stories from the time of World War II and have a reconstruction of a war shelter and a simulation experience of an aircraft attack. You can also see real stalactites and cave-dwelling animals inside. We have prepared a tasting of the famous local culinary tandem for you in the tunnels, that is the Kranj sausage, which has been the recipient of a gold medal for several consecutive years, and Kranj beer from a local microbrewery.


Price/ person 20 €
Nu. of people per group  Min 10 persons/ max 25 persons
Meeting point

Kranjska hiša/ Kranj House (Glavni trg 2, 4000 Kranj)

Shuttle from the Kranj swimming pool venue will be provided.

Duration 1,5 hrs
Available dates 29. 8., 1. 9., 2. 9., 4. 9., 5. 9., 7. 9. at 11 AM and 5 PM.
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Kranj in Your Heart – guided tour


Culture and tradition are right at home in Kranj. Go on a tour of the town with us where we will show you all the most beautiful cultural and natural attractions. We will walk along Prešeren’s path and get to know all the interesting stories of Kranj. Let Kranj become etched into your heart! We will end the tour within the castle walls and in the shade of the castle’s linden tree. Then it’s time for a quick stop at the Khislstein 12.56 Café for a little break. 12.56 is not the time when we end the tour, but the year when Kranj was granted its town rights!


Price/ person 15 €
Nu. of people per group 

Min 10 persons/ max 30 persons

Meeting point

Kranjska hiša/ Kranj House (Glavni trg 2, 4000 Kranj)

Shuttle from the Kranj swimming pool venue will be provided.

Duration 2 hrs
Available dates 30. 8., 3. 9., 6. 9. at 5 PM.
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We advise you to book the term as soon as possible. In case of a high number of applications for a certain day extra terms will be opened.


If you would like to spend more time exploring our town and its surroundings, you are welcome to go on one of the walking or cycling tours we offer or go on an adventure.



Ascent of the Storžič Mountain, the mountain of Kranj


What the Matterhorn is to Zermatt, Storžič is to Kranj: it is the mountain you want to climb if you are mountain climber visiting Kranj. This two-thousander is the closest to the centre of the Gorenjska region and is a mandatory component of most panoramic shots. The most common route is from the Mače village across the Kališče mountain pasture and the eastern ridge.



311,76 € for 1 person, 173,63 €/ person for 2, 128,07 €/ person for 3, 105,51 €/ person for 4, 91,56 €/ person for 5

Nu. of people per group  
Duration 10 hrs
Contact person  ... or ... 



Path of the Outlaws cycling route


The Path of the Outlaws involves a little under four hours of serious cycling. It takes you through the idyllic Gorenjska region villages and the Udin Boršt memorial park. Surrounded by meadows, forests and karst features, you will find yourself in an adventure that has been inscribed into this area by the people that used to live here a long time ago.


Price 140,21 € for 1 person, 103,41 €/ person for 2-3, 64 €/ person for 4-8
Nu. of people per group Min 1, max 8.
Duration 10 hrs
Contact person ... or ... 



High-mountain tandem paragliding in the Gorenjska region


Tandem paragliding is the best way to live up to and experience a unique and exciting feeling of flying in its full natural and pristine form. With the help of thermals, which are also used by birds when soaring, we don’t create any noise or pollution. You will fly off the slope of the Krvavec tourist recreation centre with pilots who have at least 10 years of tandem flight experience.


Price 141,67 € for 1 person, 122,46 €/ person for 2, 109,72 €/ person for 3-6
Nu. of people per group Min 1, max 6.
Duration 2 hours (30-40 minutes of actual flight)
Contact person ... or ... 



We also invite you to join us on a tour of some of the most beautiful places in Slovenia, places you simply must see!


It only takes a little to realize Slovenia has so much to offer and experience. Just a few options:


Postojna Cave and Piran


Departure from your hotel at 10am and transfer to Postojna. Entrance to the fascinating Karst underground caves. The little train tour in the cave lasts for about 1.5 hours. Bus transfer to Piran, the most romantic town in Slovenia. A sightseeing tour around the city and some free time. Return to the hotel at 6pm.


Whole-day tour 25 August, 2 September, 5 September, 11 September 2018
Price per person 99 €
Extra optional Lunch in a traditional restaurant (aprox. 35 €, drinks not incl.)
Price includes Bus transfer, road taxes, tour guide, sightseeing in Piran, entrance fee to the caves, VAT.
Tip Bring sport shoes and warm clothes for the cave.
Reservation ... 


Ljubljana, the capital city


Departure from your hotel at 2pm and transfer to Ljubljana. Walk along the old part of the city where you will be able to see the Cobblers’ Bridge, National University Library, Congress square, Philharmonic, Triple Bridge, Prešeren’s square with the monument, main market, cathedral. Coffee break in a bar along the Ljubljanica river and possible wine tasting with bread and olives in a nearby bar (€25 additional fee). Return to the hotel.


Half-day tour 24th August and 12th September 2018
Price per person 57 €
Price includes Bus transfer, road taxes, tour guide, sightseeing in Ljubljana, VAT. 
Reservation ... 


Bled and Bohinj


Departure from your hotel at 10am and transfer to Bled. The place is famous for the beautiful view of the lake and the castle. Visit the castle. The interesting fortress has an unbelievable location on the top of the rocky hill. There is also a museum with some typical artefacts. Then we will walk along the lake to the main part of town. Some free time. 

Bohinj is the next important place. Its marvellous nature is part of the Triglav National Park. The lovely bridge and the church are one of the main sights in the valley. You will walk to the Savica waterfall, one of the most important inflows in the country. You need good shoes and sport clothes for that day. Return to the hotel at 6pm.



Price per person 99 €
Whole-day tour 26 August and 10 September 2018
Price includes Bus transfer, road taxes, tour guide, entrance to Bled castle, Bled sightseeing tour, entrance to the Savica waterfall, VAT.
Optional Boat on the lake Bled, price for the ride 19 €/ person.
Reservation ... 


The prices listed above are given as general information and are subject to changes. The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the programmes. Information about the town, what it offers and the calendar of events can be found at or you can write to us at


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