You can register for 5 swimming events

At LEN European Masters Championships in Slovenia, swimmers will be able to attend 5 swimming events and 2 open water events.


If you have registered on 15 January and the system did not allow you to register for 5 (only for 3 events), you will be able to access your registration data with ID received at the confirmation and your e-mail address and add more events. There will be a dedicated entrance enabled in the web page at Registration section until 20 January at latest. 


Kranj Swimming Pool Complex has two olympic swimming pools - outdoor and indoor swimming pool, which are connected and have sufficient place around the pools. If necessary trainings will be also possible at Radovljica swimming pool - 15 minutes drive from Kranj. Shuttle busses in relation Kranj - Radovljica - Bled (where we also offer accommodation facilities) will be available.

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